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Why IM&gine ?

Our expertise contributes to value your projects

Specialized in development and 2D/3D high quality images, Visuelys launches IM&gine.
IM&gine is an image configuration server based on an innovating technology.
Using IM&gine, you visualize in real time your creations with an amazing photorealism.
IM&gine is flexible and easy to use by anyone.

B2B, B2C,... Be for you !

Easy to use, IM&gine is both a tool supporting the creativity of your design teams and, an application for your customers.
The technology enables real time response and support all devices.

IM&gine assists your imagination

IM&gine is able to handle any type of material (varnish, metal, textured materials, fabric, leather, etc.) considering reflections, relief and brightness without any pre-calculation and allows to refine your visualization with an impressive realism and a flexible way of configuration.

Just ask for a demo to assess it !

To another dimension

IM&gine provides different ways to vizualize your objects or scenes in real time.
This can even be an image or a 3D objects or 360° environment to be closer to reality.


A visualization closer to reality

  • Photo and 3D configurator: scenes

    The accuracy in the reflection, lighting and texturing

    The materials rendering is key to get a high quality realism. IM&gine handles reflections, texturing and lighting on all kind of materials such as lacquer, varnish , metal, satin, wood, fabric,... from a 3D objects or a photo.
    It manages interactions between objects and provide an amazing photorealism.
    As there is no pre-calculation, the range of configuration is infinite and the viewer just consider the resulting image as a true photo.
    Better that words, we would enjoy demo it to you !

  • Photo and 3D configurator: objects

    Finding the relief and the brightness

    From a photo, IM&gine enables the visualization of materials in its greater accuracy and flexibility.
    Using IM&gine, you can address both the relief and the brightness of the subject while keeping completely independent choice of colors or textures of the material.
    Better that words, we would enjoy demo it to you !

  • Configurators: 2D or 3D viewing

    Real time, responsivness and realism

    IM&gine can also provide a 3D vizualization, in real time and without any specific plugin.
    IM&gine handles materials and provide a 2D or 3D configured image in real time.
    As IM&gine is not executed on your local device, you are sure about the result you'll get from a quality and performance standpoint. This also natively solves responsive design usal concerns.
    Better that words, we would enjoy demo it to you !

  • 360° Scenes

    A panoramic vision

    Im&gine can propose a panoramic 360° vision of a configured scene on all devices
    Better that words, we would enjoy demo it to you !

  • Image processing

    A real on-line graphics editor

    Transform your images with few clicks by composing your image editing operations
    IM&gine allows to resize, blur an area, mask, add text, ... and reuse the receip as a basic url to integrate it in your websites, catalogs or any other application.
    Thanks to IM&gine, managing your images is easier as you then stop multiply or dissiminate images
    Better that words, we would enjoy demo it to you !

  • Your collections of images

    An easy way to manage your images and textures

    Import and manage your source images, create your colors or textures from an easy to use web interface
    then just use and share them.
    Better that words, we would enjoy demo it to you !

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